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  • Pizza's


    Made in wood-fired oven

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  • Pizzeria Ruka

    Pizzeria Ruka

    at the heart of the Ruka

  • Fresh dough

    Fresh dough

    made our self!

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    Open every day from 11am to 11pm


Restaurant visit contain a story of unique events and process from food, service, milieu, people, atmosphere and special details. The story of Pizzeria Ruka is affected by a traditional receipt to bake pizza dough in addition to the highest quality of ingredients. Delicious and crispy pizza dough is made by restaurant bakery. The Pizzeria Ruka has captured the hearts of gourmets with local recipes since 1988!

We hope that you are satisfied today with your experience to the story of Pizzeria Ruka: food, drink and service. People who concern food and service sincerely and passionately are creating the story of Pizzeria Ruka!

We welcome you to enjoy the story, food and service of Pizzeria Ruka!

Paavo Riipinen, family and restaurant staff

Pizzeria Ruka

Pizzeria Ruka

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Pizzeria Ruka

Pizzeria Ruka

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Pizzeria Ruka

Pizzeria Ruka

Opera Special🍕 l Kivikylän maalaiskinkkua, tonnikalaa ja salamia❤️😋 #pizzeriaruka #rukaskiresort #rukakuusamo #woodovenpizza #morelloforni #rukapizzeria #kuusamo #rukafinland #pizza #coordinatesofsnow

Contact us

Rukatunturintie 4, 93830 Rukatunturi
Tel.  +358 8 868 1445


You can make table reservations for same day by calling restaurant. 

Advance table reservations by email. 

Open daily 11 am to 11 pm.

(Closed on the 24th December).

Home delivery Pizza

Ruka's taxi will deliver our pizza to your cottage at Ruka

0 -3,5 km 12 €
3,6 - 4,5 km 13 €
4,6 - 5,5 km 14 €
5,6 - 6,5 km 15 €
6,6 -  Taxi meter / km